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112 名前:仙人@Tom Cat ★[] 投稿日:2014/04/12(土) 01:18:22.27 ID:???0 (PC) ?2BP(0)
I made the wiki tree, hermit and 404 image. Sorry if those appear scary. I thought they were funny. 
The 404 machine doesn't realize it is hurting the guy. It is just a machine.

1 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/04/15(火) 03:29:10.23 ID:???0 (PC) ?2BP(1000)
Tom Cat ★ is responsible for 2ch server hardware and DNS.

Tom Cat ★ is also the super-admin for and the creator of,, and

If you have any questions or requests for items in Tom Cat's domain, please address them in this thread.

Tom Cat handle:
Tom Cat ★

324 名前:Apparently admin ★[] 投稿日:2014/03/13(木) 23:48:05.94 ID:???
Tom Cat made Emailgenki. I have already
sent him an email with your idea.
I think we will come up with something
good from him. He is very talented.
Emailgenki is primarily for Megami already.
So he could change the watermark.


Let's talk with Tom Cat